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A two year program that targets strength, mobility and bone-health training to manage osteoporosis and prevent fracture.  For as little as AUD$5 a week, you can learn how to improve balance, prevent falls and learn correct bone-loading techniques.
No wasted GYM Fees
Take your time and do it in the luxury of your own home at any time.  Repeat the exercises at least 3-5 times a week.  Each session lasts approximately 15-20 minutes.
No Locked in Contract
You can cancel at any time. You don't need fill out forms or pay a cancellation fee.  If its not for you, than that is OK.  You can cancel with two clicks once you have logged in.
No Noisy GYM Environment
Not just noisy, but somewhat intimidating and where does one start?  You can perform the program just by following along to the video.  The program comes with comprehensive to do lists and how to do the program safely.  Along with how to make the exercise more difficult or even easier.
No Expensive Workout Gear
Perform the exercises in your PJs if you wish.  Its best not to wear footwear as we take you through the impact exercises.  Bare feet and what you wake up in is perfect for this program!
Professor Belinda Beck
Belinda Beck is a Professor at Griffith University in the School of Allied Health Sciences and the Menzies Health Institute Queensland and a Director of The Bone Clinic.  She graduated from The University of Queensland (BHMS[Ed]) and from the University of Oregon (MSc and PhD) where she studied sports medicine and exercise physiology.  She completed a postdoctoral research fellowship in the Stanford University School of Medicine (CA, USA).  Her work, primarily related to the effects of mechanical loading on bone, has involved both animal and human models, from basic to clinical research.  Her particular focuses have been exercise interventions for the prevention of osteoporosis and fracture across the lifespan, and the prevention and management of bone stress injuries in the military.  She recently co-founded The Bone Clinic, an innovative translational research facility and health service with a purpose to implement safe, evidence-based exercise for osteoporosis coupled with rigorous patient monitoring for clinical and functional outcomes.  
An Easy To Follow Exercise Program
Just safe, effective exercise you can do in the comfort of your own home at your own pace.  CANCEL at any time.

Any questions?  Please email Professor Belinda Beck anytime.
Pricing Options
There are many options to choose from! Choose what best fits your need and budget.
$5 / week
  • Billed fortnightly
  • Access to 2 year program
  • Instructions to all exercises
  • Baseline Assessments
  • Immediate Start
$6.50 / week
  • Same as Starter +
  • Calcium Enriched Recipes
Resistance Training for Muscle
We start you off with light weight exercises which gradually increase over time to build strength and re-educate your muscles. For maximum effect we recommend you purchase a small number of simple items of equipment easily sourced from the local hardware and/or discount store (Kmart, Target, etc.) for around $15 (Australian dollars).
High Impact for Bone
Bones love impact but jumping and hopping are rarely practiced by adults. Learn to jump and land safely again with gradual progressions of difficulty and landing intensity. We teach you proper landing techniques and different types of jump for maximum benefit for bone.

Regain Mobility
We include various challenging mobility exercises for the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles that will assist you to develop and maintain the necessary flexibility to complete all of the exercises. The mobility exercises use the same equipment as the resistance exercises.

I greatly appreciate your program, even though I am half a world away in Vermont, USA. I have never had such success n keeping up with an exercise routine as I have had with yours. For Level 1, attempting to do the exercises 5 days a week, I exercised 62% of the time; for Level 2, 85% of the time; for Level 3, 87% of the time; and for Level 4, the first 10 weeks, I am up to 94% of the time. I have no idea if my bone density is increasing yet, but I do know that my strength and balance are responding. Thank you!

Thora D Vermont, USA
Onero Online is designed to reduce your risk of falling so improving balance is a central goal. The balance exercises begin as very simple tasks but you will learn more complex balance sequences as your stability improves. The constant changes in balance challenge will continue to improve your balance and stability when standing and moving around for the full duration of your training with Onero Online.
When you sign up you will receive access to Level 1 of the Onero Online exercise programme, follow-me videos and instructions. Every 12 weeks you will receive access to the next progressions of exercises, however, you can progress more slowly if you feel you are not ready to advance.
We give you 3 videos on how to monitor your progress with balance and agility.  In addition, you will have access to The Bone Clinic's online database where we record important data and statistics with respects to your gradual improvements.
All members (except for Starter level) will receive 4-weekly menu planners designed by The Bone Clinic dietitian focusing on recipes crammed with calcium without the additional calories.  Available week 2.
Email support provided to all membership levels. We will respond within 24-48 hours to help you with any technical difficulties such as downloads or access issues.
Who are we?

The Bone Clinic is a health service dedicated wholly to bone, muscle and joint health. The Bone Clinic is the first of its kind in Australia (actually the world), and provides inclusive care from physical evaluation to practical treatment; including bone density tests, supervised exercise programs, dietary guidance, and education – all in one location.

Those who are at risk, or suffer from poor bone health, including osteoporosis, will find evidence- based treatment options at The Bone Clinic in Brisbane, based on ground-breaking research conducted in Queensland.

Due to the number of people who don’t live close enough to The Bone Clinic to attend our supervised training we have released our very own Online Home Program. This program is focussed on falls prevention and bone exercises that can be safely be performed unsupervised.

Professor Belinda Beck is the director of the The Bone Clinic.